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Are first visit to monster university


First of all in the morning we got into partners. My partner was edon.secomdly, we walked to the bus stop then we got onto the bus. When we got of there was a short walk Read full article »

What are you most looking forward to?


Hello Year 6, Dr Cooper here. Thank you for making us feel so welcome, when we came and visited last week. I'm really excited to see you all again. What are you most looking forward to, about Read full article »

We met the monsters


On friday year 6 met are monster friends . We lernt what we will be doing on are trip there and what we will be lerning there. I found owt that sometimes yiu can sleep Read full article »

Meeting the monsters


  Bailey  Snook  Dr Cooper  Bonney   Nowely Read full article »



2017-18 University of Monsters Read full article »

Second Visit To University Of Monsters (UOM)


On Wednesday the 29th of February, we are going to the University of Reading for the University of Monsters (for the second time).We are attending two lectures; one in the morning and one in the Read full article »

For The Monsters!!!


Hi I'm Scarlet and I'm so excited to come back on Wednesday.I have a few questions for you! Is University fun? How long are your lectures? What are you studying? How long have you been at Read full article »

U of M


This Friday, some individuals from Reading University(we call it monsters of university) are going to inform my class on what we are expected to be doing next Wednesday(1st of March). I am clearly excited otherwise I Read full article »

Subjects that UOR/UOM study on


Agriculture, archaeology, art, biomedical sciences, chemistry, classics, computer science, education, lecture theaters, history, law, management, meteorology, pharmacy, philosophy and much more!     Read full article »

Monsters University


On the 25th of November 2016 we went to the University of Reading(UoR).When we got there we were greeted by some students . After that we did some activities in a disco room(we didn't do Read full article »



To Nowely, why do you want to study business ?What is it like university ? I bet all you monstrous monsters have a lot of fun meeting new people and friends. What was it like Read full article »

Thank You


Dear Pupils, I just wanted to write and say a massive thank you for making the other Monsters and me feel so welcome on Friday. We had a great time meeting you and cannot wait until Read full article »

University of Monsters question By Marriyah.


Hello today  I am going to be talking about the trip we are going to be going on. Mr Lyford has told us a little bit about the University of Monsters but there are also Read full article »

University of Monsters


Dear University of Monsters I can't wait till I visit your University of Monsters I am so excited. Mr Lyford told us that we are going to pick a lecture and then go to the lecture classroom and Read full article »

University of Monsters – Class of 2017


We will be starting your University of Monsters sessions after half term, your blog logins work for this site. Some people from UoM will be coming to introduce the programme and the monsters on Friday 11th Read full article »



So what did you think of 'your' UoM Graduation?   We were very proud of you  all ... Read full article »

Thank you letter by haleemah


I want to thank you for the great effort you have put in for us on the amazing university of monsters project. I have loved being included as one of the first schools to take Read full article »

Thank you


Dear the university of monsters, I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful trips you organised. I really had a lot of fun and I will miss going there. Thank you for all your Read full article »

Thank you


Thank you to all of the university of monsters people for letting us be the first school/class to do these trips to reading university .Each and every trip I looked forward to and had a Read full article »

Thank you


Dear University of Reading, Thank you for all your amazing trips to the university. I will miss you when we are done but first I want to thank you. Each and every minute with you guys Read full article »

Thank You!


This year all of us year 6 got the chance to attend the university of monsters. We have just finished are third trip and getting ready for the graduation. Thank you for letting us have Read full article »



Thànkyou for organising  our trips to the University, I am really looking forward to our final trip. My favourite thing about the trips so far was our lectures, they were really fun. I also really Read full article »



Thank you for an amazing trips to University of monsters. I enjoy both the trips I went to, (I was ill the second time) My and favourite one was the one in the morning earlier Read full article »

Coming to Campus… Activities to do


Hello Monsters! We are looking forward to having you on campus with us for one final visit to learn all about student life! As part of this we have some exciting activities for you to try. Unfortunately Read full article »

We need your help!


Hello Year 6, How are you? We have just got a logo designed for the University of Monsters but the Monsters and staff here at RUSU are stuck as which colour to use! This logo will Read full article »

Good Luck Year 6


Hello Year 6, A little monster told us that this week is SATs week! Good luck! We know you will do great and remember all you can do is your best! The monsters at University are in exams Read full article »

Recount of University of Monsters


Yesterday, Y6 went to Reading University. This time, we got to choose our lectures. My favourite was Computing and Engineering. We first talked about what makes a robot and how they work. They had a Read full article »

Our trip to Reading University


On Wednesday 2nd March we went on a trip to Reading University. First we walked to town and got the bus to the university but unfortunately it wasn't the VIP bus that had games and Read full article »

University of monsters trip 2


On Wednesday we went to Reading university. It was very fun we got to choose our own lectures , the trip was as much as fun as our last trip . We also at the Read full article »

Invitation to attend lectures


Hello Monsters! We are looking forward to welcoming you back to the University of Monsters and Reading next week. We are going to be focusing on studying at University and what that means. As part of your Read full article »

5 Questions


What Was your Favourite Part? How much Free time do you get? How long are your lessons? What are you studying? What is your Favourite thing about university? Read full article »

First trip to University of Monsters


On our trip to University of Monsters we took a nice party bus then when we got there we took of our stuff. The first thing we done was hear a talk about the University. Read full article »

Recount at unviresty of monsters


When we just got to school we had to do the normal thing do the register we all had to be on or best behaviour and then we walked to town to catch the bus Read full article »

Our trip to Reading University


First we went to the University by an amazing bus just for people who travel to university. It had special seats and free wifi. When we got there we put our coats and bags away Read full article »

My day at Reading University


On the 4th of December I went to Reading University. You may have guessed that from the title of this blog. But it wasn't any old visit. It was a super fun one! When we Read full article »

A recount of a great day


On the 4th of December 2015 the year 6 class from Oxford Road Community School went by bus to the University. We were going to look around the University and hopefully learn some new and Read full article »

Our trip to University of Monsters


It was the day and we were about to travel to the bus we had all been told to be on our best behavior  . Just before we had a checklist so we knew that Read full article »

My letter.


Dear Professor Tassell, I'm writing to you to tell you my new idea for building a football court on the campus. This would be good because when the students have spare time they can show off their Read full article »

Recount of our first trip to the University


When we got to school we had to do the normal things(register) whilst everybody else got ready. When we had all done we walked into town to get on the bus (21 Claret The Sizzler) Read full article »

University of monsters recount By Sara


I am going to tell you about my trip the university of monsters. First we went onto the bus. It was really cool! It had an iPad, and games! Then once we got there we Read full article »

Back to University


Hi Everyone! I am currently packing all my clothes and belongings up ready to head back to Reading because our term starts on Monday. We usually get a little bit more time off at Christmas and Read full article »

Exited to visit again


I am very exited to come to the university again . I really enjoyed the first trip I can't wait to see what's happening next time. I hope their Is more fun things to do. Read full article »

I need your help!


Hello Year 6, Dr Cooper here. I need your help! The monsters have forgotten everything they learnt on their visit with you on the 4th December. It was a fun day but the monsters can't remember Read full article »

It’s Christmas!!


The term is over at the University of Monsters. Shortly your books will be back with you and Dr. Cooper will need your help! For now the monsters have finished their lectures and are heading Read full article »



  Read full article »

More animals at University


Hello!   More animals were at the university today! This time they weren't as cute or cuddly as the guide dogs... instead there were lots of reptiles and creepy-crawlies! There were snakes, lizards, turtles, cockroaches, mealworms and Read full article »

University of monsters


Our trip to the was amazing. Even the bus ride was, there was tables that had built in tablets and there was board games like connect four. When we got there we sat on tables Read full article »

First visit to University of Monsters


So .... how was it? What did you do? What did you learn? Mr L has been tweeting all afternoon, it looks brilliant but I want to know what you thought. How about writing a recount post Read full article »

Diary entry by Persheh’s monster


Dear diary, OMG! Today I am super excited diary! I am going to leave for university with my sis Maddie. My mum Mallesa was literally crying. Which made Maddie cry. I didn't cry though I was Read full article »

University of monsters


University of monsters  I would like to request, what is It like in the university ? Read full article »

To the University Of Monsters


Hey guys I really cant wait for tomorrow its going to be so fun. I'm looking forward to seeing the university meeting all of you will be very pleasant and we are all coming in Read full article »

Questions to all the monsters


Hello my name is Safwaan and im going to ask you five questions. What is your favourite car? What is your favourite colour? What is your favourite sport? What is your favourite type of food? Read full article »

Questions about university to anyone


What is your favourite sport? What is your favourite childhood memory? What is your favourite game? Can you do a backflip? If you could answer these questions, I would very much appreciate it. Read full article »

5 Questions


What Is Your Favourite Thing About Your School, And Why? Who Is Your Favourite Teacher? What Is Your Favourite Subject, And Your Least Favourite? What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? What Is Your Favourite  Colour?   Read full article »

6 Question


hello I am martin I am going to ask you 6 question 1) do you have any more monsters at the university? 2) how many friends do you have there? 3)how many people are at the university ? 4) Read full article »

Ivan University of monsters question


1. How are the classes ? 2.Is there break time ? 3. All subject is in the same classroom ? 4. Is there football team there ? 5. Every subject is even for the same teacher or for a Read full article »

A diary entry of my monster


Dear diary , I'm  so exited to go to a university and go explore ( hopefully we are ) I'm a bit sad because anything to do with sport I can't do :(  I've broken my arm . Read full article »

Message to Nowely


Hi Nowely, my message to you is how long are lectures? How long do you have a break? What subject do you learn? How many subjects are there? My final question is if you were stranded Read full article »

A questionnaire for University of Monsters \ anyone


Have you ever broken a bone ? When is your favourite day ? Can you do a summersault ? What's your favourite thing to do ? What do you do in you free time ? Ive got a broken arm Read full article »


Hello Bonney I am writing to you to tell you that I am realy excited to come to your university hopefully it is going to be cool Read full article »
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