Guide Dogs at University : 2015-11-18


Today was a very exciting day because at the hall where I live, people from Guide Dogs for the Blind came in with their working dogs and also a puppy that is in training to become a guide dog! The puppy’s name was Tommy and he was only 6 months old so he was very excitable! It was really fun as I got to spend lots of time stroking and playing with them and I got to talk to their handlers who had lots to say about life with sight loss and blindness. They had lots of great stuff which they sold as well and over £90 was raised for the charity through donations!

There were also activities where you had to wear a blindfold or special glasses which show you what it is like with different eye conditions and you had to try to complete challenges whilst wearing them. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to solve a puzzle designed for toddlers whilst not being able to see!

I had a great time with the dogs and hope they come back soon so I can play with them again!


One of the dogs

Games to play whilst we were blindfolded

Students playing with the puppies

Bailey helping to raise some money

Me getting to know one of the dogs

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3 Responses to “Guide Dogs at University”

  1. Alex G says:

    What was it like being blind?
    What was it like solving the puzzles?

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  2. Bailey says:

    Hi Alex,
    It was a very strange feeling as you don’t really realise how much we rely on our sight for daily tasks so not being able to see made it very difficult to do basic activities. Being unable to see also meant that I had to rely on my other senses more in order to understand what was happening around me. Solving the puzzle was a weird experience because I knew that if I could see I would have been able to do it easily because all I had to do was match the farmyard animals to the correct holes. I really struggled with it!

  3. Affan says:

    Must’ve been hard being blind

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