Diary entry by Persheh’s monster : 2015-12-03

Dear diary,

OMG! Today I am super excited diary! I am going to leave for university with my sis Maddie. My mum Mallesa was literally crying. Which made Maddie cry. I didn’t cry though I was super sad. My sis Twinkle started to follow us. She won’t let me go!When we finally made it to the bus, Twinkle started to rain with tears. Why!? I have not the slightest idea.

I’m here. My heart feels like it is going to blow!! I can see monsters all shape and sizes coming. Maddie looks like she is going to blow. She is acting like a 2 year old even though she is older than me! In my first lesson I met doctor Cooper. He made me feel welcome. I also sat next to Nowely. He is cool! I really like university. Bye!!

From Mackenzie Angel Zigler!


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  1. University of Monsters says:

    Perseh, what a great diary entry for your monster Mackenzie Angel Ziegler. What a great name too. It can be a sad time for people when they go to University and for their families too especially if you move further away but you can phone your family and visit on holidays and weekends. It is also an exciting time and it sounds like your monster was excited.

    What did you think of the visit on the 4th December?

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