Ivan University of monsters question : 2015-12-03

1. How are the classes ?

2.Is there break time ?

3. All subject is in the same classroom ?

4. Is there football team there ?

5. Every subject is even for the same teacher or for a different teacher ?

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  1. Devonn says:

    Ivan there’s different teachers for different subjects for instant the French lecturers speak French and only French same with Spanish lecturers .

  2. Devonn says:

    No there are different classrooms . I think . No break just free time .There maybe a football team . That’s all I know or I think I know .

  3. University of Monsters says:

    Devonn has done a really good job of starting to answer your questions Ivan. Well done Devonn!

    1) There are lots of different classes and different spaces where students are taught from lecture theatres, seminar rooms, labs, computer rooms, theatres etc.
    2) Lunch usually takes place between 12-2 but students don’t all have breaks at the same time. They have free time rather than breaks as they don’t have to be at University all day
    3) No different subjects will be taught in different rooms
    4) Yes we have both a men’s football club and a women’s football club. The men’s club has 4 teams. These teams compete against other Universities on Wednesdays. We also have a league for any students to take part in too.
    5) There are different lecturers for different subjects and even within subjects like English there will be different lecturers for different areas like poetry or modern literature. These lecturers are experts in their fields and complete research into their chosen subjects.

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