To the University Of Monsters : 2015-12-03

Hey guys I really cant wait for tomorrow its going to be so fun. I’m looking forward to seeing the university meeting all of you will be very pleasant and we are all coming in our own clothes and bobble hats for bobble hat day when we will be collecting money for the nspcc (the national society of prevention from cruelty to children). Witch is special to me as my mum is a child minder and I love helping my mum to look after them well bye guys see you tomorrow.

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  1. University of Monsters says:

    Hello Elijah,

    Did you enjoy the visit? What did you think of the University and meeting the monsters. It was fun seeing you all with bobble hats, I think Bonney would like one.

    Let us know about your visit and enjoy helping Dr. Cooper in your workbook.

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