University of monsters : 2015-12-06

Our trip to the was amazing. Even the bus ride was, there was tables that had built in tablets and there was board games like connect four. When we got there we sat on tables next to our monster groups  (I was with Bailey). Then they gave us a map and we had to mark out the country’s which we think had university’s. After that we made our own university with bricks. Our group made a jail next to the party room, just in case they had a bit too many. We had a tour of only a tiny bit of the university and it was massive, we saw these people who was doing a project where they had glasses which made them blind. They were seeing what a normal day would be for blind people. Then we went back to the hall and had lunch. We all finished lunch and we started to draw a new student our one was called Linda. Oli (the university president) wasn’t the president anymore Linda was because she gave presents on Christmas. The time was two o’clock so we had to pack away and go home.

We can’t wait to see you all next time


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  1. Isabelle says:

    This is clearly a recount and a good one at that.

    Next time use more connectives to make your sentences more interesting
    Over all it is very good so – you should be proud of yourself

  2. Devonn says:

    I don’t want to go to Jail although it’s probably not as bad as a real one though .

    • Dr Cooper says:

      I don’t know what type of jail it would be Devonn, it sounds like Bailey’s group had plans when they were building. What did you have when you were building your campus with your group on the visit?

  3. Dr Cooper says:

    Hello Minshok. What a great recount of the day… it looks like you have already completed my first monster mission with this. What countries did you think had Universities? Did you enjoy building a campus with blocks? There is an opportunity in one of my missions to persuade the vice chancellor to do something perhaps you could write a letter about a jail on campus. What was your favourite part of the tour? Sounds like a fun day… thanks for the recount Minshok.

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