More animals at University : 2015-12-08



More animals were at the university today! This time they weren’t as cute or cuddly as the guide dogs… instead there were lots of reptiles and creepy-crawlies! There were snakes, lizards, turtles, cockroaches, mealworms and many more!

There were lots of challenges to do, which ranged from holding the animals, to collecting stars from a bucket filled with live mealworms, and even the option to eat some bugs! I was feeling very brave so decided to try a little bit of the “food”… I’m not sure I’ll ever enjoy eating dried mealworms or fudge with worms in but at least I can say I gave it a go!

I really enjoyed holding the animals. My favourites were the two turtles, they were really speedy but kept trying to go under the sofas! Everyone had a good time and lots of money was raised for charity too.


Sitting with the turtles

Me, students and some snakes and lizards

Making new friends


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