I need your help! : 2015-12-20


Hello Year 6, Dr Cooper here.

I need your help! The monsters have forgotten everything they learnt on their visit with you on the 4th December. It was a fun day but the monsters can’t remember anything about University or students.

Your workbooks should now be back with you and in those books are some new sheets. Over Christmas I need you to help me teach the monsters by answering the questions so I can tell the monsters the answers when they come back from University.

There are also some new monster missions set by me and it is up to you how many you would like to do or which ones you choose. You can complete your missions in the workbook, separate pieces of paper or on this blog. I can’t wait to see your missions.

Have a good Christmas.

From Dr. Cooper



6 Responses to “I need your help!”

  1. kai says:

    Don’t worry about this . You can count on me!

  2. tamsin says:

    As soon as I get my book I will get on to it!

  3. Abbie says:

    Bonney, Baliey, Nowely and Snook,
    On our first visit we learnt where you could find universities. 10 things you can do at a university, 5 things you can do at a university and we also learnt what you can find on a campus and where you find it on a campus. If you forget this again I will tell you again

  4. Devonn says:

    I accept this challenge I will do as much of the missions as I can .

  5. Rahmel says:

    How what and why monsters you need to get your brain back. Also you have to learn not to party in the disco please get your brain back!

  6. Rahmel says:

    I’m waiting for my book so I can help you guys!

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