Back to University : 2016-01-08

Hi Everyone!

I am currently packing all my clothes and belongings up ready to head back to Reading because our term starts on Monday. We usually get a little bit more time off at Christmas and Easter than you do because it gives us time to go home and see our families as most of us don’t live in Reading. Also a lot of students have part-time jobs, so they go home and go to work!

How was your Christmas? Did everyone have a nice time?

I’m sorry for not posting sooner, it has been a very busy Christmas for me and my family! Anyway, I must continue my packing! I shall try to post a photo for you! When we go back to Uni we are all going to start planning for when you next come to visit! I’m very excited!

Love Bonney

2 Responses to “Back to University”

  1. Abbie says:

    Yes, I had a great Christmas thank you how was yours

  2. Rahmel says:

    I got a Segway for Christmas it was fun.

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