Recount of our first trip to the University : 2016-01-08

When we got to school we had to do the normal things(register) whilst everybody else got ready. When we had all done we walked into town to get on the bus (21 Claret The Sizzler) it was amazing. Me, Isabelle, Gabriela and Nabiya sat at the Lego table but it was hard to make things because the table kept wobbling we got around it in the end. But then we arrived at the University we saw James, Hannah and a few other people. They all walked us and our teachers to a big building. This building was big very big indeed, inside it they all introduced themselves and told us a bit about them. It was fun but next we had a few activities to do. The good thing was they were all fun things. All of them got our brains working this was a good thing we were all so sleepy. After this we had a Campus Tour. This was a tour around the Campus (University ground.) We saw all different places like houses, flats, offices, study halls, pubs, cafes and many more. We even got a special camera When you took a picture you had to shake it so the picture came out I had a lucky touch in our group (Bonney)nobody could make the picture come out but when I had a turn it came out. Soon the tour was over and we headed back to the really big building and done some more activities. Shortly after this we had our lunch this lasted about 35-40 minutes. Next we had a chance to talk to our friends and play some games but when all the university staff had come back we played a board game (best game EVER.) Sadly after this we had to go home we got the same but as we came on but this time I didn’t sit on the Lego table me and Gabriela sat opposite Mr Lyford. We were only on the but for about 20 minutes but when we got back to school we had to go strait home. BEST DAY EVER

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