University of monsters recount By Sara : 2016-01-08

I am going to tell you about my trip the university of monsters. First we went onto the bus. It was really cool! It had an iPad, and games! Then once we got there we walked to this building (which I don’t know the name of) and did some activities. We had to write 10 things in university and 10 jobs in university. We had to build a campus and name places with university’s in them. We also had a walk around the campus and visited many different areas of the campus!We visited a library (with a upside down Christmas tree), lots of shops and apartments. Can you believe there was even a hair dresser! We had lunch and played a university board game! It was very fun!

3 Responses to “University of monsters recount By Sara”

  1. Abbie says:

    Yes Sara it was extremely fun I agree.

  2. Ruby says:

    My Favourite part was the board game, I learnt lots about were Universitys are, thanks Sara

  3. Rahmel says:

    My favourite in the bus was the music

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