My letter. : 2016-01-09

Dear Professor Tassell,

I’m writing to you to tell you my new idea forĀ building a football court on the campus. This would be good because when the students have spare time they can show off their skills to their friends. This isn’t the only reason why it should be built. Many people say that the university could be better if this happened because they often get bored,and football is a fun thing they can do to cure this. It can also keep people fit. This can happen because if some people want to get fitter they can play football. Although not only people who want to get fit can play it but anyone that wants to keep fit can play it. The good thing is that boys and girls can play not only boys. Even if the girls are not that good the boys can teach them to get better.

Thank you for reading this.


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  1. Ruby says:

    I Agree. This Is A Really Good Letter Because You Not Only Explained Why It Would Improve The Campus But That It Would Help The Students Learn New Skills.

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