A recount of a great day : 2016-01-12

On the 4th of December 2015 the year 6 class from Oxford Road Community School went by bus to the University. We were going to look around the University and hopefully learn some new and interesting facts while we were there. We were all really exited!

So at about 9:00 ( AM not PM) we set of for the bus stop we wanted to catch in town.  The bus was AMAZING. It had games and everything. But enough about the transport. When  we got to the University the leaders were all waiting for us. They took us to the right building which that day would take  part in. When we were all inside we got in to our groups – I was with Dr. Cooper. Then  we  all filled in some  sheets about our guesses at what University life was like and some of the roles you could play  at University.

Next the leaders  introduced themselves and showed us a small PowerPoint about University.  After that  in our groups we went on a walk around the university.  We took Dr.Cooper with us, we also had a camera and took lot of great photos.   One of my favourite places on the university was library , it was big. We were all starting to get very hungry so we headed back  to our room for lunch.  Everyone chatted about what they had seen over lunch.  Then we played a board game university style I was the first graduate!  Each group was given a set of building blocks to make there own campus with – ours even had a party room.  It was nearly time to go home but there was still time for a picture with everyone, including the monsters.

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