Our trip to University of Monsters : 2016-01-12

It was the day and we were about to travel to the bus we had all been told to be on our best behavior  . Just before we had a checklist so we knew that everyone had the correct things . After that we walked ( at a fast pace ) to the Universitys own bus when we got on we saw a games area , the study , and music .It took us around 30 minutes to get there . When we arrived the university of monsters people were waiting there at the bus stop for us .Next we walked into a hall and put our bags at the end of the hall and we were explained what would happen ( not the timetable though because we had one on our table ). The first activity that we did was to create a person who could go to University ( although anyone could ) such as what age they are and where they come from they may well come from somewhere abroad .We were all given snacks that were left o our table to eat while we built a campus on an A3 piece of paper . We used plastic bricks to make buildings we labeled them with a felt tip pen . After that we had a walk around the campus seeing all the different sites on it , we  also were told that they played Quidich and 52 other sports . The walk was about 30 minutes long when we got back to I realised we were one of the first in the colousul hall then finally we ate our lunch . We didn’t go out anymore that afternoon .We played a game it was a bit like snakes and ladders because you started at first day and had to get to graduation with dice . Finally we went to the front all of the monster groups came up and said what they wanted in there campus ( most of us said a prison ) and then we got our stuff and went back to school on a bus .

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