My day at Reading University : 2016-01-13

On the 4th of December I went to Reading University. You may have guessed that from the title of this blog. But it wasn’t any old visit. It was a super fun one! When we got there we went into this theatre hall and were seated at tables. We each had a monster as a sort of mascot. My table’s mascot was a purple and orange monster called Nowely. First, we completed sheets about University- for example,10 things you do at University. Mine were:

  •  Study
  • Sleep
  • Shop
  • Visit the library/read.
  • Attend lectures
  • Eat
  • Go to societies
  • Watch TV
  • Write letters
  • Go to a café

After that we were shown a PowerPoint about University.  Next, we created our own Universities and grounds. Then we went for a walk around the campus[that’s the  place where the university is]. We took pictures of the places we saw that interested us with a camera that printed them immediately.  When got back we had lunch.

The first thing we did after lunch was play a board game about university. We rolled the dice and the first person to get to graduation[graduation is when someone gets a degree] won[graduation was the last square]. If you answered a question about university then you got to move on one square. I won!   In our next activity, we created our own students, then heard some real students talk about university. Then some different students talked about how far they’d come to study . Finally we had photo with our mascots before we left.

It was a brilliant day!

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  1. Ruby says:

    My Favourite Part Was The Board Game and The Tour, What Was Yours?

  2. Rahmel says:

    My favourite was the tour around the campus.

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