Our trip to Reading University : 2016-01-13

First we went to the University by an amazing bus just for people who travel to university. It had special seats and free wifi. When we got there we put our coats and bags away and started on the first activity which was to put names of places into a labelled hoop which was to show if there was a university located in that area. Next we had to draw a student that went to university. I learnt that anyone aged 18 and over could be a student at university. Next we had to build a campus made out of Lego bricks on A3 paper and make building that we thought were in the university. After that we had a Walk round the university and saw what was really inside the university.Me and my group even went in somebody’s apartment as they kindly let us in. We learnt that students from the university played 52 different sports and quidich which was a new sport to me. While we were on our walk we took some photos and brang them back to share with the rest of our classmates.Then we ate our lunch and played a game which was like snakes and ladders but you had to start on a square that said first day and the first person to reach graduation was the winner(I was the worst at that game). Finally we all spoke at the front and told everyone what we saw on campus but didn’t think that a university would have like a hairdressers. Then it was time to go. It was amazing trip that I will never forget!

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  1. Rahmel says:

    The trip was amazing monsters I can’t wait for the over tour!well done you guys.

  2. Rahmel says:

    The trip was amazing monsters I can’t wait for the over tour!well done you guys.It was the best trip except camp any way it was fun!

  3. Gabriela says:

    This trip was awesome, I really enjoyed

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