First trip to University of Monsters : 2016-01-14

On our trip to University of Monsters we took a nice party bus then when we got there we took of our stuff. The first thing we done was hear a talk about the University. After that we done a walk through the University in different groups based on Monsters. During our walk we took pictures of the University. It was amazing. Once we finished our walk we done a few games. We had to make a university, played university of life, see if there’s a University in certain places. After this it was about time to goand that’s when we left



2 Responses to “First trip to University of Monsters”

  1. Devonn says:

    Good description Max and punctuation ๐Ÿ™‚ nice !

  2. Rahmel says:

    The bus was really fun also the tour I can’t wait to go back well done monsters you made that day. Good writing max

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