Our trip to Reading University : 2016-03-06

On Wednesday 2nd March we went on a trip to Reading University. First we walked to town and got the bus to the university but unfortunately it wasn’t the VIP bus that had games and special seating at the back. When we got there we out our things away and began our first activity which was to answer questions about university. Next we had to match a certain degree to a celebrity and guess what degree they did. After that we got to take part in a lecture that was being taught. I chose philosophy first which was about making creation that we didn’t know were actually art. It was really interesting and I learnt a lot of new things about art that I didn’t know before. After the lecture was finished we ate lunch. Then we did our second lecture, I chose law because I thought it would be fun making my own law and everyone sticking to the rules. In our lecture we got to make our own law and say why we thing that it is good enough and has suitable reasons for it to actually become a law. Then it was time to go. We got the same bus back and walked back to school. It was lots of fun and very interesting. I think I’ve made a decision of considering going there myself one day.

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  1. Minshok says:

    What do u want to study in university.

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