U of M : 2017-02-24

This Friday, some individuals from Reading University(we call it monsters of university) are going to inform my class on what we are expected to be doing next Wednesday(1st of March).
I am clearly excited otherwise I would not even have done this. I have done most of my diary work the university had given; hopefully it is up to date because I was so anxious that I could not wait another day so I wanted to do more of the entertainment inside the book.
Unfortunately, my room was disorganised so I tried my best to make it spotless and then I loved how it looked; I knew where my University Diary was but then I put it somewhere I just can not be certain where it is.

I am going to have a look for the diary because my room is pure so it should be undemanding(I’m fortunate I cleaned my room otherwise who knows how long I take) to find. I can not wait for what we are going to do.

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  1. Khadeeja says:

    Hi I am Khadeeja I am so excited to meet you.
    I have a question for you, Is University Fun?
    please reply. Thanks See You On Wednesday

  2. Pawan says:

    I have already met u and University is fun; I went there with the class.

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