Are first visit to monster university : 2017-11-13

First of all in the morning we got into partners. My partner was edon.secomdly, we walked to the bus stop then we got onto the bus. When we got of there was a short walk to the uni. When we got there we mef up with some of the people there. When we walked with them to there hall they talked about the place. We sore on of the places were they sleep and were they eat.We got into the hall then we had to find the table with are names on. When we found are named they had written doun some names of universityes around the wold and some were made up.After that we had a tour of the university. We found owt that the libary  had 500,000 books in there. We had a tour of the international buliding were people from other countrys  got to get there visers.when we got back we had are lunch. Then we filled owt are books


Thank you reading university for having us.

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