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Our School By Isabelle : 2015-12-02

I figured that since your telling us about your  University  I thought I’d tell you about our school.  So here are some fast facts:

  • There are 9 classrooms
  • 10 Teachers                ( Yes I know that there are only 9 classrooms and there should only be 9 teachers but one ,LUCKY, class have two part- time teachers
  • In our school there are 270 pupils!
  • That’s 30 per class
  • There are 3 classes upstairs – Years 4,5,6 and a library plus kitchen/work room.

There you have it 5 quick facts on our school.  Hope your up to date . Isabelle

Questions for monsters by Rahmel : 2015-12-02

How are you doing ?

How is it like ?

What’s your favourite movie

whats  your favourite book?

Do you stay by your self ?

What primary school you went to ?

What secondary school did you went to?

Were you in forms or years In your school ?

Is university boring ?

Who is your favourite friend?


5 questions. : 2015-11-29

Hello my name is Sara and I would like to ask you a few questions. 1:Do you have special Christmas dinners at Christmas? 2: Do you have a Christmas tree at Christmas and (or) decorations? 3: Do you like Christmas? 4: Do you prefer real or artificial Christmas trees? 5: What is the worst thing you ever got for Christmas? Thank you for taking your time to read this and hopefully reply to this! Thanks, Sara.

How are you doing today : 2015-11-23

Hello monsters are you ok today who is your best friend at the university. Are there other monsters there?When you stared where you scared did you have friend or not. what do you want to do when you are old?

Our trip to Reading university : 2015-11-23

Last month Reading university come to oxford road community school six people come we had so much fun. We have our own Monster university we could do so much in our book lets. They teach all of year 6 on Monday. We all are going to go to the Reading university on December 4th 2015.


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Hello monsters : 2015-11-18

Sorry that I have not blog because I was destracted also what is your favourite trip. I can not wait to go to university and look around. I can wait to see you all again and having fun.

Guide Dogs at University : 2015-11-18


Today was a very exciting day because at the hall where I live, people from Guide Dogs for the Blind came in with their working dogs and also a puppy that is in training to become a guide dog! The puppy’s name was Tommy and he was only 6 months old so he was very excitable! It was really fun as I got to spend lots of time stroking and playing with them and I got to talk to their handlers who had lots to say about life with sight loss and blindness. They had lots of great stuff which they sold as well and over £90 was raised for the charity through donations!

There were also activities where you had to wear a blindfold or special glasses which show you what it is like with different eye conditions and you had to try to complete challenges whilst wearing them. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to solve a puzzle designed for toddlers whilst not being able to see!

I had a great time with the dogs and hope they come back soon so I can play with them again!


One of the dogs

Games to play whilst we were blindfolded

Students playing with the puppies

Bailey helping to raise some money

Me getting to know one of the dogs

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What’s university like? : 2015-11-16

Dear monsters,

I would like to know what you all think of university, so here are a few questions that I would appreciate your answers to.

Do you enjoy it or not?  What is your the least favourite thing  about  university ?  How did you feel on your first day as a official


I would really like it if you could tell me the answers to these questions because I love finding out new things. Thank you.

Monsters : 2015-11-15

Hello Monsters

I’m writing to you to thank you for coming to out school. All of us really enjoyed it and we  haven’t stopped talking about it. We are so excited about coming to the university on the 4th of December and we all want to say a great big thank you for coming and explaining lots of words and things. Last of all we love out folders and we have almost don’t all of the activities in it.


Yours sincerely Abbie

Hi, monsters! : 2015-11-13

Hey, guys! I was thinking about you, and thought I’d like to get to know you monsters better. Here’s a quick survey(don’t worry, it’s no0thing personal), along with my answers.


1.What is your faviroute sweet?

2.What is your faviroute colour?

3.What’s your faviroute television programme?

4.If you have a faviroute book, what is it?

5.(this one is really weird)Do you like jelly beans, and if the answer is yes, then why?

My answers

1.Probablly lemon sherbets- they are a sucking sweet that has sherbet inside!

2. Silver

3.Strictly Come Dancing

4.I don’t have one-they are all so good!

5. I don’t like jelly beans!


Please reply soon- I look forward to hearing, from you!

Dear monsters… : 2015-11-13

Dear monsters,

I am really looking forward to seeing you again on December  the forth! I am doing my Bonny challenges as much as I can at home,and school. On the thirteenth of November  (tomorrow ) we are having are class assembly and me and Max are the presenters ,which is a big role and if you get it wrong you let everyone down so we try are hardest . See you on November the forth !!! From kaiya (a year six pupil ).

1 question (to students of University of monsters) : 2015-11-13

Do you enjoy or do you like being a student of University of monsters?

Questions : 2015-11-13

Do you like maths ? What’s your favourite subject ? What’s your favourite colour ? How high can you jump ? What’s your favourite movie ? Which celebrities do you like ?

While you were on half term… : 2015-11-03

Hello Year 6!

How was half term? Was it fun – what did you do?

We don’t have a half term at University 🙁 (sad, I know). It was a normal week for us with lectures, seminars, sports and activities. I had quite a few lectures last week and also have been working hard on a 4,000 word essay that is due in for November.

It wasn’t all work though…I played hockey, saw some friends at the student pub and also got into the Halloween spirit. There were Halloween quizzes, challenges, photo booths, krispy kreme selling AND the opportunity to buy pumpkins. RAG, which stands for Raising and Giving, who fundraise on campus were selling pumpkins for local charities in Reading.

As well as that there was a pyjama day for Cancer Research UK on the Friday – students wore pyjamas on campus and donated money. Like your non-uniform days! They raised over £200.00.

Anyway must dash because I’ve got to go to a seminar. Have a good first day back at school!

Snook 🙂

Me choosing a pumpkin to carve for Halloween

Raising money for charity


Wednesday is all about Sports : 2015-10-23

Nowely here! Wednesdays are my FAVOURITE day. Wednesdays are all about BUCs for The University of Monsters. Every Wednesday our sports teams compete against other Universities in lots of different sports from tennis to football to fencing.

My sport is Rugby and this year I made it on to the Rugby 1st Team. Every Wednesday we have matches against other Universities and yesterday we played Chichester University. It’s great playing for a team and I’ve made a lot of mates from Rubgy.

The team has a mix of first, second and third years. My friends in the photos are Max who studies Pharmacy, Henry who studies Real Estate and George who studies Archaeology.

The final score was 20-8 to us. So we won our match – GOOD NEWS!


George and I before the match

Henry, Max and I getting ready for the match.

Getting ready to score some tries before kick off

Shots from the game against Chichester

Time for a scrum

Our team kicking at the match

Shots from the game yesterday

Wonder what the monsters are up to? : 2015-10-20

It has only been a few days and Y6 are already missing their new friends from the University of Monsters. We wonder how Bailey, Bonney, Nowely and Snook are getting on in their first week at U of M? What about Dr Cooper, what does he think of the new batch of students!

Hope none of them has got lost yet!


Monsters in Year 6 : 2015-10-16

The University of Monsters was launched at ORCS this morning as a group of Reading University students came in to Year Six, they brought the 5 monsters along to be introduced to our pupils.Photos

Rumour Mill : 2015-10-14

It has been rumoured that many monsters have been sighted in Reading area in recent days …. must be the start of term at The University of Monsters.

Monsters Square

Mark the date in your Diaries and Planners : 2015-10-13



First day – University of Monsters!

An exciting new project involving Year 6 @ ORCS and University of Reading Students Union  ……. oh and some monsters!


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