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My letter. : 2016-01-09

Dear Professor Tassell, I’m writing to you to tell you my new idea for building a football court on the campus. This would be good because when the students have spare time they can show off their skills to their friends. This isn’t the only reason why it should be built. Many people say that the […]

Recount of our first trip to the University : 2016-01-08

When we got to school we had to do the normal things(register) whilst everybody else got ready. When we had all done we walked into town to get on the bus (21 Claret The Sizzler) it was amazing. Me, Isabelle, Gabriela and Nabiya sat at the Lego table but it was hard to make things […]

Monsters : 2015-11-15

Hello Monsters I’m writing to you to thank you for coming to out school. All of us really enjoyed it and we  haven’t stopped talking about it. We are so excited about coming to the university on the 4th of December and we all want to say a great big thank you for coming and […]

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