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Our trip to University of Monsters : 2016-01-12

It was the day and we were about to travel to the bus we had all been told to be on our best behavior  . Just before we had a checklist so we knew that everyone had the correct things . After that we walked ( at a fast pace ) to the Universitys own […]

A diary entry of my monster : 2015-12-03

Dear diary , I’m  so exited to go to a university and go explore ( hopefully we are ) I’m a bit sad because anything to do with sport I can’t do 🙁  I’ve broken my arm . I’m worried about nothing really I have no fears of anything .

A questionnaire for University of Monsters \ anyone : 2015-12-02

Have you ever broken a bone ? When is your favourite day ? Can you do a summersault ? What’s your favourite thing to do ? What do you do in you free time ? Ive got a broken arm 🙁 . My favourite day is July the 15th . I would love to but I […]

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