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What are you most looking forward to? : 2017-11-08

Hello Year 6, Dr Cooper here. Thank you for making us feel so welcome, when we came and visited last week. I’m really excited to see you all again. What are you most looking forward to, about your first visit to the University? See you on Friday From Dr. Cooper

Photos : 2015-12-09


First visit to University of Monsters : 2015-12-04

So …. how was it? What did you do? What did you learn? Mr L has been tweeting all afternoon, it looks brilliant but I want to know what you thought. How about writing a recount post for this blog that I can share with loads of other bloggers! Users who have LIKED this post:

Monsters in Year 6 : 2015-10-16

The University of Monsters was launched at ORCS this morning as a group of Reading University students came in to Year Six, they brought the 5 monsters along to be introduced to our pupils.

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