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My day at Reading University : 2016-01-13

On the 4th of December I went to Reading University. You may have guessed that from the title of this blog. But it wasn’t any old visit. It was a super fun one! When we got there we went into this theatre hall and were seated at tables. We each had a monster as a […]

Hi, monsters! : 2015-11-13

Hey, guys! I was thinking about you, and thought I’d like to get to know you monsters better. Here’s a quick survey(don’t worry, it’s no0thing personal), along with my answers. Questions 1.What is your faviroute sweet? 2.What is your faviroute colour? 3.What’s your faviroute television programme? 4.If you have a faviroute book, what is it? 5.(this one […]

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