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For The Monsters!!! : 2017-02-27

Hi I’m Scarlet and I’m so excited to come back on Wednesday.I have a few questions for you! Is University fun? How long are your lectures? What are you studying? How long have you been at university? Who was your inspiration? What is your favourite part of Uni? Do you live at University and if you […]

Wonder what the monsters are up to? : 2015-10-20

It has only been a few days and Y6 are already missing their new friends from the University of Monsters. We wonder how Bailey, Bonney, Nowely and Snook are getting on in their first week at U of M? What about Dr Cooper, what does he think of the new batch of students! Hope none […]

Monsters in Year 6 : 2015-10-16

The University of Monsters was launched at ORCS this morning as a group of Reading University students came in to Year Six, they brought the 5 monsters along to be introduced to our pupils.

Rumour Mill : 2015-10-14

It has been rumoured that many monsters have been sighted in Reading area in recent days …. must be the start of term at The University of Monsters.

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