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University of Monsters question By Marriyah. : 2016-11-09

Hello today  I am going to be talking about the trip we are going to be going on. Mr Lyford has told us a little bit about the University of Monsters but there are also going to be some people coming into our school to talk about what we are going to be doing. I […]

University of Monsters : 2016-10-17

Dear University of Monsters I can’t wait till I visit your University of Monsters I am so excited. Mr Lyford told us that we are going to pick a lecture and then go to the lecture classroom and learn about it. Also you are going to visit us on 11th of November to tell us information about […]

Recount of University of Monsters : 2016-03-06

Yesterday, Y6 went to Reading University. This time, we got to choose our lectures. My favourite was Computing and Engineering. We first talked about what makes a robot and how they work. They had a built model of R2D2 with voice recognition so if you said, Hey R2, do you remember Darth Vader? and he […]

First trip to University of Monsters : 2016-01-14

On our trip to University of Monsters we took a nice party bus then when we got there we took of our stuff. The first thing we done was hear a talk about the University. After that we done a walk through the University in different groups based on Monsters. During our walk we took […]

Monsters : 2015-11-15

Hello Monsters I’m writing to you to thank you for coming to out school. All of us really enjoyed it and we  haven’t stopped talking about it. We are so excited about coming to the university on the 4th of December and we all want to say a great big thank you for coming and […]

Mark the date in your Diaries and Planners : 2015-10-13

  First day – University of Monsters! An exciting new project involving Year 6 @ ORCS and University of Reading Students Union  ……. oh and some monsters!  

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