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COMING SOON : 2017-10-09

2017-18 University of Monsters

Graduation : 2016-07-13

So what did you think of ‘your’ UoM Graduation?   We were very proud of you  all …

THANK YOU! : 2016-06-10

Thank you for an amazing trips to University of monsters. I enjoy both the trips I went to, (I was ill the second time) My and favourite one was the one in the morning earlier on today . Thank you to Hannah and all the other people who helped!

Coming to Campus… Activities to do : 2016-06-07

Hello Monsters! We are looking forward to having you on campus with us for one final visit to learn all about student life! As part of this we have some exciting activities for you to try. Unfortunately our sports teams are super busy with their own matches so we have no sport but hopefully you […]

Good Luck Year 6 : 2016-05-09

Hello Year 6, A little monster told us that this week is SATs week! Good luck! We know you will do great and remember all you can do is your best! The monsters at University are in exams too and we have lots of relaxing activities going on like yoga, colouring and a petting farm. […]

Recount of University of Monsters : 2016-03-06

Yesterday, Y6 went to Reading University. This time, we got to choose our lectures. My favourite was Computing and Engineering. We first talked about what makes a robot and how they work. They had a built model of R2D2 with voice recognition so if you said, Hey R2, do you remember Darth Vader? and he […]

Our trip to Reading University : 2016-03-06

On Wednesday 2nd March we went on a trip to Reading University. First we walked to town and got the bus to the university but unfortunately it wasn’t the VIP bus that had games and special seating at the back. When we got there we out our things away and began our first activity which […]

Recount at unviresty of monsters : 2016-01-14

When we just got to school we had to do the normal thing do the register we all had to be on or best behaviour and then we walked to town to catch the bus to go to the university when we got there we had to do wonderfull activities like build a campous go […]

Our trip to Reading University : 2016-01-13

First we went to the University by an amazing bus just for people who travel to university. It had special seats and free wifi. When we got there we put our coats and bags away and started on the first activity which was to put names of places into a labelled hoop which was to […]

A recount of a great day : 2016-01-12

On the 4th of December 2015 the year 6 class from Oxford Road Community School went by bus to the University. We were going to look around the University and hopefully learn some new and interesting facts while we were there. We were all really exited! So at about 9:00 ( AM not PM) we […]

My letter. : 2016-01-09

Dear Professor Tassell, I’m writing to you to tell you my new idea for building a football court on the campus. This would be good because when the students have spare time they can show off their skills to their friends. This isn’t the only reason why it should be built. Many people say that the […]

Recount of our first trip to the University : 2016-01-08

When we got to school we had to do the normal things(register) whilst everybody else got ready. When we had all done we walked into town to get on the bus (21 Claret The Sizzler) it was amazing. Me, Isabelle, Gabriela and Nabiya sat at the Lego table but it was hard to make things […]

Back to University : 2016-01-08

Hi Everyone! I am currently packing all my clothes and belongings up ready to head back to Reading because our term starts on Monday. We usually get a little bit more time off at Christmas and Easter than you do because it gives us time to go home and see our families as most of […]

It’s Christmas!! : 2015-12-11

The term is over at the University of Monsters. Shortly your books will be back with you and Dr. Cooper will need your help! For now the monsters have finished their lectures and are heading home for a 4 week holiday. Keep an eye out on the blog to see what some of the monsters […]

Photos : 2015-12-09


More animals at University : 2015-12-08

Hello!   More animals were at the university today! This time they weren’t as cute or cuddly as the guide dogs… instead there were lots of reptiles and creepy-crawlies! There were snakes, lizards, turtles, cockroaches, mealworms and many more! There were lots of challenges to do, which ranged from holding the animals, to collecting stars […]

First visit to University of Monsters : 2015-12-04

So …. how was it? What did you do? What did you learn? Mr L has been tweeting all afternoon, it looks brilliant but I want to know what you thought. How about writing a recount post for this blog that I can share with loads of other bloggers! Users who have LIKED this post:

Diary entry by Persheh’s monster : 2015-12-03

Dear diary, OMG! Today I am super excited diary! I am going to leave for university with my sis Maddie. My mum Mallesa was literally crying. Which made Maddie cry. I didn’t cry though I was super sad. My sis Twinkle started to follow us. She won’t let me go!When we finally made it to […]

Questions about university to anyone : 2015-12-03

What is your favourite sport? What is your favourite childhood memory? What is your favourite game? Can you do a backflip? If you could answer these questions, I would very much appreciate it.

Message to Nowely : 2015-12-03

Hi Nowely, my message to you is how long are lectures? How long do you have a break? What subject do you learn? How many subjects are there? My final question is if you were stranded in an island what three things would you take? Thank you.

A questionnaire for University of Monsters \ anyone : 2015-12-02

Have you ever broken a bone ? When is your favourite day ? Can you do a summersault ? What’s your favourite thing to do ? What do you do in you free time ? Ive got a broken arm 🙁 . My favourite day is July the 15th . I would love to but I […]

: 2015-12-02

Hello Bonney I am writing to you to tell you that I am realy excited to come to your university hopefully it is going to be cool

Our School By Isabelle : 2015-12-02

I figured that since your telling us about your  University  I thought I’d tell you about our school.  So here are some fast facts: There are 9 classrooms 10 Teachers                ( Yes I know that there are only 9 classrooms and there should only be 9 teachers but one ,LUCKY, class have two part- time teachers In […]

Questions for monsters by Rahmel : 2015-12-02

How are you doing ? How is it like ? What’s your favourite movie whats  your favourite book? Do you stay by your self ? What primary school you went to ? What secondary school did you went to? Were you in forms or years In your school ? Is university boring ? Who is […]

5 questions. : 2015-11-29

Hello my name is Sara and I would like to ask you a few questions. 1:Do you have special Christmas dinners at Christmas? 2: Do you have a Christmas tree at Christmas and (or) decorations? 3: Do you like Christmas? 4: Do you prefer real or artificial Christmas trees? 5: What is the worst thing […]

Guide Dogs at University : 2015-11-18

Hello! Today was a very exciting day because at the hall where I live, people from Guide Dogs for the Blind came in with their working dogs and also a puppy that is in training to become a guide dog! The puppy’s name was Tommy and he was only 6 months old so he was […]

What’s university like? : 2015-11-16

Dear monsters, I would like to know what you all think of university, so here are a few questions that I would appreciate your answers to. Do you enjoy it or not?  What is your the least favourite thing  about  university ?  How did you feel on your first day as a official student? I would really like […]

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